“Do it again. Look to her eyes and say sorry.”

It’s officially the first week of class in our school. Yay!! If you only know how THRILLED we all are to welcome back our dear students. I’ll blog this in a different entry. Hihi But this one is specially dedicated to my most favorite scene this week.

I have the utmost honor of being the adviser of the Grade 5 class this year. Trust me. It was just the first week of school but I’m oh so proud of them already! Every time I look at them, I can see a generation who is humble, teachable, and VERY loving.

But enough with that. Off we go to the story..

Me: Okay, you have to do two things for me now. First, you have to say sorry to your Class President for not obeying him. Second, you have to say sorry to her. Do you think you can do that? 🙂

Student #1: Yes, teacher. *approached the Class President* Ry… I’m sorry.

Class president: I forgive you, dude. But you have to say sorry to her. Lets wait for her to come back.

*Student #2 entered*

Class president: Hey, she’s now here. Lets go… *grabbed his friend and went straight to their other classmate*

Student #2: I…. uhh… so.. rry…. *attempted to walk away after saying a seemingly practiced script*

I was just at the corner, watching them, and to be honest? I’m satisfied already with him saying sorry until I heard a very familiar voice…

Class president: DUDE NOT LIKE THAT! Do it again. Look to her eyes and say sorry.


After that, I witnessed how a relationship was completely restored. I saw how servant leadership from a Grade 5 student quickly arise. I saw how one’s heart was humbly aligned by God’s heart.

I learned that there’s no shame in saying sorry. Be free! Today, if you hear God’s voice saying, “Do it again. Look to her eyes and say sorry.” Do it. Let love overlooked the offense. 🙂


P.S. I love you, Grade 5! 🙂


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