Broken and Forgiven

I actually don’t know how to start writing this message.

I can stop typing now, because I’m all tears

…yet I know God wanted you to hear this message.

This is for you. sabbath_1

“In Christ you are forgiven, and because you are forgiven,

To choose to forgive.

Let it go.

The truth is, you no longer need to carry the burden. Only in forgiveness, you can be free.

Forgiveness that is well beyond your grasp or mine.
Forgiveness that you can’t find on a trip or even from the closest people in your life. Forgiveness that you don’t need to compete for.

Stop going back to the past
nor to the days ahead of you.
The Lord wants you to walk.

And it is not because you don’t know how to let go
You just need to learn how to trust God again.

It is not easy. I know.

But, forgive
…because you are beautifully and completely forgiven

You are healed.”

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” -John 8:36

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