Love Never Felt So Good

I still have no words to describe our time together last night.

Love never felt so good.


I replayed it in my head a hundred times and I still get the same smile and tickle of heart every single time. See? The effect you have on me.

1. The way you took care of me
After I met up with a client last night, you made sure that I would see you right away. You wouldn’t want me to feel alone. You know that I was sick yet there was no single moment that you let me claimed my sickness. You even brought me to J.Co and allowed me to have my favorite tiramisu. Oh, I love how cool you are.

Above all, for taking my hand while walking and saying prayers under your breath, timing my meds, and making sure my water was always warm and my forehead cool, I honor you.

2. The way you declare your plans
As ever, you are a man of vision. I have never seen any of your promises and plans unfulfilled. You have completely won me when you said, “Hey, in this journey, I will hold your hand, I will always be there so don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and all the sacrifices I will pay.”

How can you not fall in love over and over again with a man like you?

3. The way you know me so much, it’s scary
Seriously, you know me down to my very core. How ridiculous is that? While we were walking, I know you were up to something. When those lights hanging from those trees started to glow, I have to make sure that you won’t notice that my heart was already melting.


But oh boy, when we stopped in the middle of the garden and we were surrounded with those lights, candles, and trees. Then you whispered, “I know.. it’s crazy. How much I love you.”

Love never felt so good. I can’t stop smiling!

“And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.” -2 Corinthians 12:15

Jesus, how many times have I missed out your crazy love for me? Thank you for always treating me like a princess. We’ve been through four wonderful years and I know that it’s only gonna get better.

Thank you for taking me out on a date last night.
You make me so happy and so in love with all kinds of people and things.

I am absolutely convinced that you will be the only man that I will ever love like this. My first and my last. Yet, just like what I ought to you last night, I promised you that the only reason I will ever be with someone is because I heard it from You.

I will always be grateful for Your love.

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