10 Life Little Decisions

You know how others would always say, “It is just a tiny little thing. It wouldn’t make a difference.”

Well, guess what? It would. When you wake up in the morning realizing that you are in the wrong side of the bed, does it make a difference? Be honest. There you go.. I told you so.

But really, these 10 Life Little Decisions sum up the power of Sowing and Reaping.


1. Juice over Coffee
Do you know how much people in the U.S. alone are daily coffee drinkers? 100 million. And almost half of the world’s population prefer instant coffee.

I will not go to the serious nutritional value stuff because I know one way or another, people already know that. Yet, people’s natural instinct is to go for coffee.

I dare you to be different. I made a decision a year ago to be a non coffee drinker. At some point, I just hated the smell of it and the idea on how can it control someone’s day. Weird, I know. But hey, that is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Recently, I started to have natural fresh juice in the morning. Oh dear, it just feels so good. After two days of trying it, I already felt lighter! (You can try drinking milk too. I am big milk enthusiast so no doubt I would suggest that. Others love tea. Go for that too.)

2. Counts of Sit-Ups in the Morning and at Night
Hey hey.. before you say, “I knew it! Exercise will be part of this!!” Hahaha you’re funny. Yes, it plays quite a role. 🙂

I am not a big fan of exercising either. I have never been to a gym. Never enrolled myself to any fitness program. And only have one pair of running shoes. Yet, I am very sure that I don’t want myself to be questioned by God one day on me not taking good care of the body He gave me.

I started with 10 sit ups every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep. It’s not a big deal. I just do it beside my bed. Use a soft mattress to support your back. Then I challenged myself to raise the bar higher. I promise you, your body will thank you for it.

3. The Craze of Saying Thank You
Have you tried saying thank you to the security personnel who used to check your bag every time you enter the mall? The kind of thank which is packed with a smile, gentle voice, and eye contact? Oh, you should! You will change the course of their day.

And when you change the course of their day, you’ll change yours too. Let it be so innate from you. You know, words like “thank you,” are such beautiful part of our language. It is one labor of love. Use the power of it.

When I started making it a conviction to express my gratitude to people around me verbally, it amazes me that even my “your welcome” turned into “thank you also.” Try it. It will only take less than a minute of your time.

4. No More Coke, Ask for Water
God gave me an alarming wake up call on this. We had a random blood sugar level test at work and woah, my sugar level was just way too high for my age! I was so anxious. They suggested me to get a second opinion. Turned out, for the past few days I have been drinking so much of coke, sprite, and name the soda that you like. I need to drain myself from all the sugar using the safest liquid in the world, you bet, water.

I am not saying sugar is bad. Our body needs sugar. But too much of anything is not good. Now I have a quota, only one glass of soda a month. The rest is water life. Goal is to totally illeminate it from my body system. Let me know if you’ll join me in this battle, okay?

5. Use Facial Wash, Toner, and Moisturizer Consequently
I wish this truth hits me way earlier. It is legit. Your face has the most sensitive skin in your body. That’s why when people meet each other for the first time, it is the face which gets the welcoming message. Question is, how do you welcome people?

Here are couple of advices: Separate the soap that you are using to clean the rest of your body from the soap you are using to clean your face. Do not use the body soap to your face! Yikes! (I’ve done this mistake before. Haha!) My dear, use a facial wash. Also, a friendly advice, do not use scented products. Why? Because the more the product is scented, the more chemicals it has. I suggest use water based facial products. You can just buy a perfume if you are going for a scent. Hehe.

6. Read Books
This probably has the biggest effect amongst my life little decisions. When I was in college, I hated reading the most. It doesn’t give me the excitement that my colleagues and friends were bragging about. Not until, I stumbled upon an article that explained about things someone can do to protect himself from the disease called, Alzheimers. Reading is one of them.

Four years ago, I slowly went back to loving it. I started with short stories. Then, with inspirational books. Now, I can’t stop reading novels. There are a lot of benefits in reading. I can share more because of theories and thoughts that I get to read from worldwide authors. I also realized that my most intellectual statements came from my favorite books.

So you want to look smart and become Alzheimers free? Read a book.
(Include the most important book in your reading list, the Bible.)

7. Create a ‘Things to Do List’ Before you Start Your Day
Trust me, making a ‘Things to Do List’ will help you to be on track. It helps to organize your thoughts and priorities before you start your bulky clumsy day. It actually puts light to it!

Be realistic though. Don’t write everything that you have to do for the entire week in one sitting! Goodness gracious. That will stress you out. Just write the things necessary for the day. In this way, you can avoid wasting time on things that can wait plus you get to finish the things that are on top of your priorities. One day at a time kind of thing. 😉

What I do, I make a Things to Do List when I arrive at work before I get to start doing anything. After I write it down, I pause and pray about it. I keep in mind what Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

8. Rethink About Your Personal Expression
I personally stand against using the expression most ladies (and even men) are into nowadays: “Oh my God!!”

I will not come clean with it. I had my own fair share of using it several, no, thousand of times. But thinking about it, don’t you feel that something is just wrong everytime we use it?

A pen fell. Oh my God!!
I’m stucked in traffic. Oh my God!!
My pet died. Oh.. my.. God…

There is something wrong. Let us not misuse the name of the King of all kings. His name should be more than just an expression. I pray that everytime we use it, we use it for adornment, for something greater, for glorifying Him.

Having a hard time to turn this expression around? Shift it to other words. It is a lot of fun! Plus you get to choose your own. Mine for example is, “Oh my oatmeal!”

9. Update Your Parents on Your Where Abouts
A simple text will do. Whether you are out of town or out of the coutry or even if you just think you will not make it on time, text them. Let them know that you perfectly fine. It will save you from an exasperating conversation when you get home. It will save your parents from all the worries. Plus in this life little decision, you can honor your father and mother. Small move but means a lot. 🙂

10. Check up on People
Which means taking away less than five minutes of your time sending,

..a goodluck message if it’s their big day
..a loving message if it’s their birthday
..a wish you safe travel message if they are about to go somewhere
..a random message just to thank them for the gift of friendship
..a how are you message
..a how can I pray for you message

Go on. Send one today. 🙂

6 thoughts on “10 Life Little Decisions

  1. Yeah I’m really planning to have one also. Actually, before I had one. But then that blog was for my melancholic moments. hahaha! I never thought that blog could also be a channel wherein we could bless other people, too. So, thank you, and watch out! 😀

  2. You are so good that I can’t stop but just read all of what you’ve written. 🙂 Keep writing for us and for God. God Bless you ❤

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