I Don’t Believe in Online Dating Because

I don’t believe in online dating because..

1. I still have a fantasy of meeting someone in a coffee shop because we mistakenly took each other’s drink.. or something like that.

2. I still foolishly spend hours in the corner of a bookstore, knowing that anytime soon someone will drop by to say, “What a great book. Now, can we grab some coffee?”


3. I love what waiting does to both men and women. It’s pathetic that most women nowadays are very eager. It’s unattractive. Remember, nothing won easily is appreciated for very long. When we have to pay a dear price for something or someone, we treasure it always.

4. Because I want to experience the bragging right. You know when your guy introduces you to his friends, “This is my girl. The only one who can make mashed potatoes taste like heaven.”

5. Because I want to smell him. No one can beat a guy who smells good.

6. I still daydream about meeting someone regularly while doing the grocery. I don’t know him. He doesn’t know me. Yet we know that every Wednesday night, it’s our secret “grocery” date. Then one day, he’ll approach and say, “Look, I’m moving places so we have to make other arrangements.”

7. I build castles in air looking forward for the day that my man would ask if he can wipe out my make up after a sappy party and say, “There you go.. that’s the woman I love.”

8. I have faith in love at first sight. The question is, when the man of your dreams comes, will he recognize you?

9. Because I want to remember the day we moved in together (as married couple you guys!) and we were unpacking our books, I will step back when we’re done and I would notice that we have doubles of all our favorite books. I would remember thinking to myself, yup, he’s the one.

10. I love to think that God is not going to make a man fall in love with me. God will simply allow circumstances of this man’s life to reveal what is already in his heart.. Me.

PS. If you’re wondering, where are all these mushy sweet thoughts coming from. It’s because I am currently building a story for a fiction romantic novel. HA! Grace! So I need you to drop by to the comment section every once and a while to show love and support and then I’ll love you forever.

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe in Online Dating Because

  1. hello! I am so blessed with your posts. Thank you so much! I don’t know if you noticed but I liked every post I read in your blog.hehe Keep writing. 🙂 excited to read that book of yours. :))

    1. Hi.. 😊 You are such a sweet soul. Thank you! Please stand with me in prayers as I strongly hold unto the faith of publishing the book. Haha! Thank you. I pray you’ll have the loveliest day. 💕

  2. Hi,thanks for this nicely-written article. I love number 9. Also..it will be cool knowing you have the same prayer time. Yebba!

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