It’s Not Enough That She’s a Christian

First of all, let’s clarify that I am not the perfect person to write this blog. Yet, I have written something last October 2015, It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian, which made me feel obligated to write it’s counterpart.

So here we go, dear mighty men…

It’s not enough that She’s a Christian.


1. There’s a lot of nice Christian women, but not each of one is meant for you to be pursued.

Believe that God created only one person who will fit perfectly with the plans you have in life. A lot of women in your church can be so deceiving with their sweet charms, “I admire your faith in the Lord, bro. I hope all men are just like you.” But, there will be only one woman who is created to be your partner. She will not work against you but she will work with you. This woman trusts you enough to make good decisions for her and for your future family. She will wholeheartedly submits to you because she respects your walk with the Lord and admires how you serve Him. She admires you so much that she wanted to be part of what you are doing for the Lord. There will be no dragging, it will be a sweet worship between the Lord, you, and her.

2. Don’t go after a woman who distracts you, pursue the one who is ALREADY secured in the Lord.

I believe that the prettiest women are the ones who are secured that they are loved and accepted for who they are, whether they are being lovable or not. Look for the one who is so in love with the Lord, that she doesn’t need approval from men. Look for the one who is comfortable to be herself and loves others because she knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. The truth is, if she doesn’t like herself, no one else will either. If she thinks she is unlovable, guess what — she will not be able to radiate beauty, she would probably lived up to that painful “image.” Remember that a woman who controls her passions and walks with a sensitive heart before the Lord is attractive to a man. Every man wants a woman he doesn’t have to worry about.

3. Spiritual + Beautiful = Desirable

Tell the truth, bro.. have you prayed and asked the Lord to send you an unattractive woman? No, I don’t think so. Don’t you want to wake up in the morning beside a woman who is heart is so overwhelmingly beautiful which makes her outward so breathtaking. Everybody does! The same truth applies for women.

You see, if someone is truly “saved,” therefore they should look saved. Many attractive men and women come to the Lord and, overnight, they look like different people. And I’m not talking about a change for the better. The women turn plain and the men look strangely weird. Oh heavens. What do saved people look like?

Pursue the one who exercises a wonderful thing called balance. There are three levels of beauty — soul, mind, and body. When these three are balanced, you’ll have heaven as picture. When one is off, you’ll have hell as a punishment. Have you ever met a woman who is physically a work of art, but you had a hard time seeing her attractiveness because the way she thinks and her personality are beyond awful?

So remember this formula, Spiritual + Beautiful = Desirable.

17 thoughts on “It’s Not Enough That She’s a Christian

  1. I absolutely love all your blog entries! Keep it up sister ^^

    I was just wondering, I’m in a relationship atm and it hasnt been too long and no.2 is literally me… I only recently discovered this about myself though; that I couldnt see myself with anyone because I deserved no one, that I was unlovable, that I would be alone forever haha. I’m a little discouraged but would like to hear more from your side. Am I a distraction and another worry to my bf? Should girls like that not be in a relationship?

    God bless x

    1. I was in your shoe before…only that i was not in a relationship. Becoming a christian is truly a blessing, I was able to overcome the negative thoughts about me by God’s love and how God looks at me as His daughter…the bible speaks a lot of it and it will transform ur mind.Aside from it I tried building myself with doing small things that makes me feel iv achieved. something…it boost my self cconfidence. For me, I would rather help myself first before getting into the relationship. I think i would be a burden to my partner if Im carrying excess baggage. And God can be the center of your source of love if you don’t have a partner yet. God is love. Go girl, you too can be free from that thoughts…im here a living testimony.

  2. Hello! I came across your blog as someone posted a link on fb. Your articles are amazing! I am an EIC for a ministry. May I know how I can contact you – via email or private message?

  3. this is pertaining to the formula: Spiritual + Beautiful = Desirable.. but the question is what kind of beauty to become beautiful to become desirable?.. if you don’t know yet how beautiful Jezebel is in the Bible and History, you can also be deceived. it is not meant as Spiritual, the girl or boy will become a desirable.. for me, for a man who is looking for a girl who is Spiritual + Beautiful to become desirable, the girl must become beautiful according on what the Bible said should be for a woman.. a blessed woman is more beautiful in the eye of God, if that woman is like that, then, she can call as a desirable.. but if a woman’s beauty is same as this worldly beauty, with makeup on her face, cut hair(short hair), wearing earrings or any pierce in the part of their body, short sleeves, showing the navel, makeup on their fingernails, and also the nail in their feet, that for i believe 100%, that is not a desirable woman.. because, a desirable woman also, must be pure and holy.. not just Spiritual.. but pure and Holy.. never been kissed or touched.. never been watched any malicious act or scenes.. counterpart for the men, to become Spiritual + beautiful = Desirable, the man should be not wearing same as what the woman wearing like earrings, do not have tattoos, or any piercing in the parts of the body, never been tried to drunk, or smoke (healthy conscious), always putting God first above all.. many Spiritual persons are not putting God first in their life so that, Spiritual is not a good term for this.. but a Blessed man..

    1. Hi, Paul. 😊 I appreciate this heartfelt response. I totally agree with what have you pointed out on defining beauty using the bible’s standards. Yet, purity doesn’t just pertain to physical aspect of people. A person can look physically pure (not committing acts before marriage like kissing just like you mentioned) and yet, their thoughts are not honorable to the Lord. You see, God’s standards are way higher than ours. More than our acts. He looks at our hearts. 😊

  4. Hi Joena, this is a good read and thoughts to ponder about ourselves as women of God. 🙂
    I happen to read your previous post “It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian” on months ago. I remembered your article and that lead me to your blog this time, and to this “counterpart” post.. 🙂
    Keep on posting articles that will challenge us as a woman especially as a follower of Christ.
    Hoping will get to meet you someday.

    God bless 🙂


  5. Hi Miss Joena! Thank you for this beautiful article. This serves as a great reminder, not only for the men, but for us women too. May God continually use you and bless you, so that you can inspire more people with your amazing talent! ❤

  6. Hi! I was so amaze by this article and you’re really a great writer. I was wondering if can you advice me with my problem? Hmm.. I don’t have a boyfriend but I had a special friend I can’t call him as my boyfriend because he doesn’t said that he is courting me but the fact is we are saying i love you to each other. I give all my love to him then one day he stop communicates with me and I had a friend a chilhood friend that I tell her about me and that guy then he add the guy on facebook then suddenly. I them reacting to each posts in facebook then my friend keeps tellingme sorry. And that’s the thing she fell inlove with the guy who broke my heart who left me hanging and until now me and is not communicating.

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