Dear Christians, Maybe This Is Not Always The Right Thing To Say

My boyfriend and I were in a conversation the other day when he suddenly bursted with, “I completely disagree when people say that.”

It got me thinking for days. It made me evaluate my words in a wider sense.

And it’s true. It may sound heavenly to our ears but it is not always the right thing to say.


1. Let go and let God.

Every time a friend who’s really having a hard time comes to us and ask for a loving comfort, expect that this line will never go missing in the script.

“God sees all your effort. You’ve done everything. Maybe it’s time to let go and let God.”

More often than not, we carelessly say these words because this advise has been passed on to us by another leader of the church or by another friend too. Worst, we just use this one liner to end our advise on a really good note — missing out the part when we should be asking the Lord for wisdom for words that would breath life and light.

No, don’t always land your advise with, “let go and let God.” Remember that our Christian walk is a process of sanctification. Our faith is a fight. It’s not full of sunsets and flowers. Although it’s beautiful yet it’s one messy journey too. And that’s totally fine.

So next time a friend comes to you, encourager her. Build her up. Let your next rally be not “Let go and let God.” but “Trust God more and keep going.”

2. God will not give you something more than you can handle.

If you’d throw this line at me, I’m not sure if I would feel encouraged or belittled. I feel sad when I hear people say, “God surely knows my limits. He won’t give me something I can’t handle.”

Here’s the thing honey: The kind of God that I know is the kind of God who believes in you more than you’ll ever know. The kind of God who proves that impossible is possible. The kind of God who proves that miracles happen. The kind of God who wants a relationship with you more than anything in this world.

Now, if He only gives you things that you can handle, what in the world do you still need Him for? Truth is, God will give you more than you can handle. This will make you kneel down on your knees asking for grace and strength from Him. This will make you lean on Him alone. This will make you know Him deeper. This will make you open your bible and crave for His word for you.

This will make your faith be rooted only to His promises and not by your own strength.

Yet here’s a greater news: When God gives you more than you can handle, He will crush all your fears until love is the only thing that would remain. He will silence your enemies and will give you peace that transcends all understanding.

Everything that can happen to you, big or small, has been already defeated on the Cross. He won’t give you something that He can’t handle.

3. There is a right time for everything.

Although, I agree to this a hundred percent yet a lot of people start to use this as a fair excuse of not pursuing that calling they have been given.

“I know in time, I will be able to obey.

I know in time, I will be able to forgive.

I know in time, I can generously give too.”

I’d like to believe that God can overpower time. He can make your heart obey now yet he doesn’t. Because He lavishly loves you. He wants you to reach a point that you will choose to obey, to forgive, and to give. He wants you to choose Him all by yourself, and not because He forced you to do it.

C’mon young heart, don’t just wait. Wherever you are, whatever season you are in, God’s grace is freely available for you. Choose to forgive just like how God has forgiven you for all your sins. Choose to give even in lackness. Always choose to obey the Lord, in and out of season.

4. God helps those who help themselves.

I don’t know with you but if God only helps those who help themselves, then we are in serious trouble.

There will be a time in your life when things can only be fixed by God’s divine intervention. A dream can only be made possible if God’s hands are at work. And that’s not because you help yourself, but because you humbled yourself in the Lord.

Here’s one thing that you should never forget: That while we were helpless, Christ died for the ungodly. (Romans 5:6)

And nope, God doesn’t help those who help themselves.

God helps those who humble themselves, repent and rely on Jesus alone. He wants you to cry out help from Him. God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

8 thoughts on “Dear Christians, Maybe This Is Not Always The Right Thing To Say

  1. Wow. Thanks for this read! I was reminded about obeying God in and out of season. hayyy 🙂 i hope that you’d continue to inspire, remind, and correct people lovingly. You are a blessing, Ate Joena ❤️

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