I Know My Princess

I know you. I know your scent. I know your childhood dreams. I know what can truly make you smile. I know what’s in your heart.


Yet lately, you’re starting to forget the name I have given you.

You are Mine.

Write this in the tablet of your heart: I am eternally loved.

You have my love, sweetheart. You had it since day one and you’ll have it everywhere you’ll go. How can you forget the kind of love who chooses to still embrace you even in your most sinful hour?

No. Believe Me. Look at Me. This love will last. Nothing can separate us.

I am not that guy who fails and forgets. I am not that guy who doesn’t stand on his word. I am not that guy who is full of promises.

This relationship I have with you? It’s not made of promises, it is built by a commitment.

It is not made of emotions. You can’t wake up each morning looking for a seemingly good feeling you had yesterday. We are much better than yesterday. You have to understand beloved that I never wanted our relationship to be “just” stable. I want our relationship to continue growing from heartache to heartache. From victory to victory. From love to love.

Know Me deeper. Seek Me deeper.  Trust Me in brokenness. Stay with Me in transitions.

I am your Father. I take full responsibility of everything about you. You are Mine.

You are forgiven.

I release you from all the condemnations the enemy had planted in your heart long time ago. It’s now your turn. Release yourself too.

This is where you stand: You are cleansed. You are made pure by My wounds.

I am the One who initiated this forgiveness. All I want you to do is to respond. Accept Me. Ask for Me again. Knock.

Why won’t you choose Me? I want you to pursue Me.

I will meet you where you are. I want you back.

My love has always been clear. Even when you were still a sinner, it has always been clear. You are far greater than any sin. Your worth is not lessen because of the dirt of your worldly relationships. My love will follow you everywhere, in death and in new beginnings. My love knows no bounds.

You are a woman.

You are not manipulating. You are not demanding.

You are confident. You are radiant. You are inviting.

You are a woman.

..and you need Me.

You have given your yes to me first. I am your First Love.

You are most beautiful when you are in love. That’s true. You are most beautiful when you are in my love.

You are pursued. You are worth fighting for. You have been and you will continue to be romanced all the days of your life.

I find you the most beautiful bride. I have moved heaven and earth to win your eternal days back. I will not rest until you’re completely Mine.

Your beauty matters. Offer it. Unveil it.

When you finally understand that you are beautiful despite your scars, you will start to live a secured identity. And when you are finally secured, you will start to express love, the kind of love that this world needs.

When you choose not to hide your beauty, when you choose to offer your heart, when you choose to be seen for who I have truly created you..

Then, you are choosing to love and to be genuinely loved.

You are so loved.

I long for you.

You are the one who overwhelms my heart with your “God, lead me.” I want to lead you. I want to be your beginning, end, and all your in betweens. I want to lead you.

You are the one who takes my breath away by your gentle heart that, against all odds, hopes in Me.

I want to be so alive in you. I want to share in your days and decisions, your desires and your disappointments.

I want intimacy with you, whether in madness or your normal days, in your projects and meetings, in your laundry and things-to-do-lists, in your conversations and daydreams. I want my heart to be connected to your heart, all the time.

No, I am not interested to the woman you think you are supposed to be. I want intimacy with the real you, the truest you.

And I will continually chase after you. I will not stay as the God of your Sunday mornings, but as the pursuer of your heart.

Your Lover, who bridge every separation possible from you.

You are mine. You are forgiven. You are a woman.

And I love you, eternally.

8 thoughts on “I Know My Princess

  1. I thank God for the anointing He has given you. Reading this felt like it was personally written for me as an individual. Continue to write more for His glory! You are a huge encouragement and a light!

  2. Hi! I used my sister’s account to read your posts. Thank you for sharing your words with us. I thank God for your life ❤ Keep writing 😀 (BTW, this is my sister's account :))

  3. Thank so much for allowing God to speak through you. This moved me alot I felt all my insecurities were drained completely and felt restore to my real identity. Thank you Jesus!! 😢😢😢😢

  4. God’s timing is just so wonderful.
    I am in my darkest season of my life when I’ve had the chance to read this.
    From the very first word til the last one, it was God who I heard speaking.

    I am back, the daughter of the King, His princess. ♥

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