God Doesn’t Want You to Spend The Rest of Your Life Waiting

“Why didn’t you tell me that this is going to happen?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life waiting.” ..God says


He knows you’ll get tired of waiting

He doesn’t want you to stop living just because you got tired of waiting. He wants you to spend your life trusting Him and not waiting for Him. Because the journey can be long and some people might leave you along the way yet when you trust in Him, you know that you will never be alone.

That when you trust instead of wait, your heart knows that you already have everything in Him.

That you’re not lacking. That you’re not waiting for something to happen before you can call yourself, “complete.

Because you are. You already are.

You are made whole by the blood of Jesus who sacrificed His life for you. Let me repeat that: Someone, whom you possibly haven’t met yet before, decided to spare His life just for you to stop waiting to be complete. He made you whole. You are already complete in the love of Christ.

Nothing of this world can add up to your life that can make you feel more full and joyful than His final words for you, “It is finished.

He doesn’t want you to miss out 

Because the Lord knows you so well. He knows that if you have even a hint of idea when things can possibly happen, you might stop asking, praying and seeking.

And it’s in the asking, praying and seeking that your heart gets aligned to His heart.

He doesn’t want you to miss out on all those blooming, growing and refining in Him.

He doesn’t want you to miss out the joy of discovering the little victories along the way. He doesn’t want you to miss out even one relationship that can happen in subways or random coffeeshops. He doesn’t want you to miss out on any memories you can have at the place where He planted you. Beloved, you are not just shaped to dream but you are also meant to grow.

Wherever you are. Whatever situation you are in. Choose to grow. Don’t miss out. Don’t take the shortcut. That path is meaningless. Take the road which leads to eternal things.

Take the path where God leads and where God has the full control over everything. Give it all up because ultimately, at the end of day, He doesn’t want you to miss out on your greatest reward: Him.

He wants you to grow and never stop growing

He wants you take full adventure of what this life can offer. He wants you to be brave, brave enough to stop waiting and start saying “yes” to the things you’ve never imagined you’ll be doing before.

He wants you to touch people’s lives and not just watch them walk passed by you. He wants you to initiate things. He wants you to feel rejected so you could choose to love over and over again despite not getting things the way you wanted. He knows that one day, you’d see that there is a purpose behind the rejection.

When that day comes, you will cry your heart out. It will once again bring you to your knees, “God, you’re right. It’s all worth it. Use me more. Whatever it takes. Just use me more.

Here’s the thing: Throw away everything that can hinder to your growth. Grow in the Lord and not in being the best amongst. Grow in loving the Lord and not in loving the man you thought you need.

Seek growth. It’s gonna be painful but trust that the Lord has a purpose. And He is a God who can redeem you even from the worst shame and even from the biggest lost. For the record, He is the God who turned water into wine, who fed the five thousand with seven loaves of bread and the God who brought dead to life.

He is a God who has plans to prosper you. Move. Don’t spend the rest of your life waiting. Grow. He’ll be with you every step of the way. In Him, you have everything you need.

21 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Want You to Spend The Rest of Your Life Waiting

  1. Thank you, Joena!!!😊😊😊 I may haven’t met you, but i thank God because you let Him use you to write.💜 God bless your heart!😊 Keep it up😉

  2. I hope magkabook signing ka pag narelease na book mo 🙂 Bibili kami ng bestfriend ko for sure! ♥

  3. Hi! A friend shared one of your posts in Facebook and I was really inspired when I began reading your blog. The world needs more ladies like you. God bless you in your writing ministry 💓😊

  4. Spoke directly to my heart, pierced even. It’s like God speaking to me in this very moment!! Thank you!

  5. Ate Joena! You are such a blessing! 🙂 this is what i really need. Dami kong realizations after reading your blog. Continue to inspire us. 🙂 I really admire you for being a woman of God. Godbless. 🙂 ❤

  6. Hi joena.. I’m just starting to follow you but I praise God already for your life. For a long time, I was just been a dreamer to write to glorify God. I thought it would be so complicated and impossible. But after I saw your fb page.. I realized that there’s no impossible thing for the one who wants to serve God.

    Now.. I already have my own page.

    You’ve inspired me to also do my personal blogs to inspire people thru my write-ups. God bless you!

  7. This is such a beautiful piece, thank you for your reminder that we are all finished work. Thank you for reminding me that we are not meant to stale in the dark waiting for what there is to come. Thank you for reminding my heart to open up to change and uncertainty backed by our God and in Him we put our trust.
    “And it’s in the asking, praying and seeking that your heart gets aligned to His heart.”

  8. Hello Ms Joena, i always love to read your *joena says. And also i shared it on my fb timeline. Thank you and God bless to more of your Inspirational post.

  9. Wow. This is so precious and so perfectly articulated. Thank you for blessing me and everyone who has read or will get to read this. 😊 I’m so encouraged and instructed in the Lord.

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