You Don’t Deserve To Be Loved

Yet you are loved nonetheless.

There are so many people who I would hear crying and demanding every single day with the same sentiment, “I deserve to be loved.”

And there are also hundreds of times I witnessed friends and family responding with, “Yes. You really do deserve to be loved. So go, leave that person and find that one who would love you like no other.”

I hate to break it, sweetheart. I might even be the first one to say this. You may not even agree with me but today, I want you to hear the other side of the story, “You don’t deserve to be loved but you are loved nonetheless.”


Isn’t that a better truth to live out every day rather than having so much self-entitlement to be loved by people who are also equally hungry for the very love that no human being is capable to give?

But the sad truth is, so many of us have fallen to this kind of thinking. It’s heartbreaking to see someone continually run for love that will never fulfill.

Here’s the thing; When you constantly live a life which demands love from people, it will not just drain the people around you, but it will also trap you in a boring cycle of, “Do it and I’ll do it for you. Love me and I’ll love you too.”

Every time you proclaim that you deserve to be loved, it’s as if telling people, “Your love is not enough.”

Every time you shout this selfish ugly truth, you also silently scream, “You have not met my standards. Do better. Love me better.”

When are you ever gonna learn that you don’t need any reason to love? Love is dying to your own self, forsaking all others, forsaking your own needs, and going the extra mile without leaving each other. Love is honoring one another above yourselves. In love, there’s no room for “selfie,” it’s always “you before me.”

“I don’t deserve to be loved but I am loved nonetheless.”

“I am loved despite my faults and weaknesses.”

“I am loved despite my past.”

“I am loved despite being me.”

You are dearly loved despite being you.

When you fully grasp this truth, you will be able to freely love someone even if not receiving anything in return. You will be able to live a life not dependent on anyone’s actions or words. You will be able to walk on a secured life knowing that no matter what other people would throw at you, you are loved, despite being you.

So the next time you hear someone say, “I deserve to be loved.” please don’t feed their selfish yearning. Respond the way that they are not expecting. Tell them gently, “Hey, actually, you don’t deserve to be loved. None of us do. But you know what? We don’t deserve to be loved yet we are loved completely, deeply, and passionately.”

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who gives endlessly yet grows overwhelmingly. She’s not lacking of anything. She likes herself better when she’s with people equally broken like her. She finds joy in putting herself last.

She rests in the peace knowing that she is loved by her greatest Lover who loved her first and proclaims daily, “You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms.”







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