When You’re Lost and You Can’t Tell Anyone

You are not the one in tears. You are also not the one pouring her whole heart out over broken stories. You are not the type who bravely calls in the middle of the night asking for help. You can’t be the one desperate for comfort and encouragement. You can’t be weak. You can’t be lost. You are not like her, except you are—but you can’t.

So you go back home, with a tired heart. Wishing you could also be as vulnerable as your friend. Hoping that tears and words will also come out from you easily. Wishing that you can also open up being broken and lost yet feel still utterly loved and accepted. Hoping to be that one person that you are to all others.

What to do when you’re lost and you can’t tell anyone?

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You worship. You stay where you are and let your heart seek the Presence of the holy One. Ignore the lie that you need to move from one companion to another just so you can ease the space of emptiness. You don’t need to be part of many circles of companionship when you know none of them can fulfill your longingness inside.

Remember that it is much more difficult to be found if you are constantly moving to various wrong directions.

Stay where you are and wait on the Lord. Really wait on Him. He promised to meet you right in the middle of the mess you are in. There’s no need to pretend. There’s no need to act so tough. In His presence, you can be weak and He can be strong. He will see everything there is to be seen. He will embrace all the broken pieces that you so carefully hide from others. He will expose those secrets in the dark and set you free—completely and eternally. He will open every door that has been closed and no one else can ever shut it down. He will seal every beautiful promise with His love that never fails. Your past will be seen and your present will be clear.

You won’t feel ashamed. You won’t feel rejected. You won’t feel hopeless.

In His presence, there will be fullness of joy. It will bring peace, clarity, and humility.

When you’re lost and you can’t tell anyone, you kneel and you surrender. Declare it by heart, “I will be found by You so I will stay right here in Your presence.

Sing it with joy and gladness.

When I’m lost and weary, find me grateful.

When I’m lost and empty, find me in the middle of Your grace.

When I’m lost and helpless, find me in the beauty of Your promises.

‘Till I know, I am found by the love that carried me through.

Open up. See the truth. You’re no longer alone. Would you be still and call this season “home” again? Your heart can be true all over again. You will find your reason to stay and you will find your purpose that still awaits.

Breathe. Mourning won’t last forever. Feel the sweet light of the morning.

Walk shamelessly. You have met the Love that declares, “You are mine and you will forever be.”

Walk. The best is yet to come. My love, you are stronger than ever before. Leave everything behind—fear, unbelief and every insecurity. I have conquered it all. Oh, my love is stronger. My love has set you free.

Today, you have chosen Me and I declare with arms wide-open, you’re no longer lost but strong. Welcome back home.

19 thoughts on “When You’re Lost and You Can’t Tell Anyone

  1. Miss Joena. I’m so enlighten by your words and your wisdom. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please continue sharing God’s words for the people who knows and about to know God. God Bless you.

  2. Miss Joena your words makes me realize that Yes its hard to tell to anyone that your Lost and you feel weak. You cannot show how deeply hurt you are in front of the people you love so you endure it silently but there is someone who can see and hear what your going true you just need to kneel and talk to him whole heartedly and pour all you heartache so he can give you rest. God will always be by our side no matter what battle we are facing..Thank you for sharing God’s words to all. I hope God will continuously bless you

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You are a beautiful blessing to everyone. Thank you for lifting the burden in someone’s heart, for always reminding that we are loved by Him. Every time I am reading your posts, every words cut deeply through me. It hurts but it always calms my system. Thank you for the encouragement to go on with the life that we have. That God will always be there, no matter how hard a person is, his love remains and will never change, forever.

  4. Ate Joena, thank you for that enlightenment. You were used by God to communicate to my heart and to the situation where I’m lost. I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to came across your website today and I just found it out. I hope and pray that may you continue to use your wisdom and strength to let Jesus speak through you to the hearts of the lost and encourage more those who are on fire to let him be known and loved throughout the world.

  5. Waaaah, beautiful Ate!! I love the “Really wait on him” part and the last paragraphs – it reminds me of ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ sa Narnia! I hope to meet you someday 🙂 Nakilala ko si Ate Junize nung nagTen Days sya sa Nepal dati!

  6. Reblogged this on Roisterer and commented:
    When I’m lost and weary, find me grateful.

    When I’m lost and empty, find me in the middle of Your grace.

    When I’m lost and helpless, find me in the beauty of Your promises.

    ‘Till I know, I am found by the love that carried me through.

  7. Wow. Thanks, Joena for reminding me of His promises and for reminding me that I can be still and trust Him even in the midst of the battle. My heart is struggling right now. It’s been two years since I’ve broken up with my ex boyfriend. He was really caring and loving, but we weren’t in the right age and maybe if we didn’t break up, I wouldn’t have known Jesus or the people that I met in my church. Jesus satisfied my heart to the point na I have finally moved on from my past relationship for the past 2 years. But these past few days/weeks, he keeps on appearing in my dreams even if I didn’t see any memory or pictures of him before going to sleep. And now I’m confused if I really did move on from him. I haven’t told anyone of this heart issue yet. I’ve been crying out to God. I don’t know what to do. :/

  8. Ms. Joena, I have only found your account and it’s maybe God’s way but this is the first post I had read of yours. It happens to be that I am in my bed, crying silently while finding a friend who can tell my sentimental off. I am in my state of weakness and vulnerability and is waiting patiently for someone who’s available to talk my problems at. But your words comforted me and as I cried harder. I can only feel someone was hugging me trying to comfort me. I know that’s God shushing me saying it’s gonna be okay. Now i’m thankful for you. For your comforting words to somewhat give me reassurance of things that I have no control of. Thank you.

  9. “I will be found by You so I will stay right here in Your presence.” Thank you Miss Joena! 💙 Felt the relef and very dear reminder indeed. Thaaaaank you! Be more blessed! 💕

  10. I’m literally crying right now. Thank you so much for this reminder. This is really what I needed today.

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