Meet her

hey, you.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope your stay will be longer. I hope every story in this blog tugs your heart and leads you to the path everlasting.

I’m Joena.

This is me. 

Ideally, we would have this conversation in a coffee shop and I would whole-heartedly treat you for a cake and a tea. Then, I’ll start asking you about your heart. Yet, this will do for now.

I’m the typical girl in her 20’s who happens to love people and their stories. I delight in listening on how God pursues each of His children. The sweet aroma of His love never fails to bring me to tears.

My happy place is my room. Yet, I love you to take me on a date. Asking brave questions, honest answers, and sweet confessions warms my heart.

Karaoke and big parties are not my thing. They make me unnaturally happy.

I love intimate fellowships. I talk to myself, a lot. I love slow walks. I’ve always felt connected to trees, flowers, sky, and mountains. The ocean is my enemy.

This blog started in Manila and now continuing its journey in Bangkok. Maybe, New York will be our next home ..or New Zealand? I don’t know but one thing’s for sure: God will always be the center of each story.

I pray that the words of this blog speak to you and point you to a conversation with the Lord. I pray that it will be a confirmation of your calling. I pray that it would speak life. I pray that it would push you to go out of your comfort zone. I pray that it will make you chaise your dreams and fly high like an eagle. Above all, I pray that this blog will lead you to love more and forgive more. To see Jesus loving you more than ever before.

Cheers to a broken heart, made new only by the Lord.

i enjoyed our small talk,


81 thoughts on “Meet her

  1. Hi Joena San Diego! You are truly my inspiration. Thank you for keeping my heart alive. Thank you for the Godly words of inspiration, you have really made my heart stronger despite of loneliness and pain. May the good Lord shower you with his blessings. I love you.

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