Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

It’s a bad day. I get it. But are you really going to put yourself to sleep believing that it’s all your fault?


Because really, it is not.

“It is my fault.
If only I am smarter.
If only I am as beautiful as she is.”

Oh, woah. Now, the truth is revealed.
The root of all of this is not really that one simple mistake that you did.
It is all those stinky insecurities that you so carefully kept hidden in your heart.

Will you please let go?

“I can’t. They are my identity.”

Who said being in a competition is your identity?
Who said you have to live behind the shadow of someone else?
Who said you need to rise to the top just to prove yourself?

You are who you are and that’s perfectly fine.

“..but I want to be smarter
I want to be more.”

More than who?
More than what?
More than what God has created you to be?

Don’t you think that’s a little bit up to the top?
Do you really want it as much as you need it?

“Why? Is it wrong to have these seemingly impossible dreams?”

Darling, no.
It is God who put that dream to your heart.
No one’s saying that you have to give it up.
Heavens, no. Own those dreams!

Yet remember that being self-critical and having humility are not the same thing.

Maybe now is the time for waiting and not for rushing.
Maybe now is the time for discovering yourself rather than discovering your dream.
Maybe now is the time for small steps rather than big gigantic leaps.

Relax, you will be there.
It is for you, dreamer.
Yet you know it isn’t right for you yet.

“I am so lost.”

Hey, Congratulations.
You just realized where you are.
You are lost.

Some people don’t even know they are lost.

Two things.
You can hit the backspace
You can press enter.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember to take things lightly.

You don’t have to press it hard nor to hit it twice.

It is also okay that your original plan didn’t work out.
Someday, you’ll be glad it didn’t.

I think faith is often trusting that God understands what we need (better than we do) and then believing He will deliver it.

Don’t lose heart when life does not go according to your plan.
Don’t despair when it feels doors are being slammed in your face.
Some doors must be shut to enable you to walk through others…

To enable you to walk into the place you truly need to be, not just want to be.

From Someone who used to be hard on herself too

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

  1. im so fed up with everything T_T little by little i’ve noticed that im totally lost. i don’t know what to do now. it feels like i’ve lost my motivation to go through life. i became so critical of myself. help! T_T

  2. It’s not everyday that I read blogs. I only read them when they got my attention and your blogs totally got me. You’re amazing, Joena. You really are. Keep inspiring other people. I’m having a rough week and reading your blog made me feel a whole lot better. Thank you so much. Much love. xx

  3. Hi Joena, I thank God that He has send someone so beautiful inside out to spread his love. thank you for inspiring someone like me. Just started to read your blogs a few weeks ago. And, yeah!, they totally captivated me. and this specific writing of yours speaks out one aspect of my life, reason why I kept on holding back.

    May the good Lord bless you continuously. 🙂

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