“So, this is your thing?”

Yes. I received those words today during a meeting.
I guess it was a compliment?
Thing is, I didn’t hear it as a compliment.

It was so much more.

It is as if someone identified my whole personality as one.
I mean.. I can be a lot of things too, right?
Except from being just a “single” thing.

Show me a man who is great in playing music and can live with it for the rest of his life
and I might even ask the same question.

“So, this is your thing?”

If he passionately answers a yes, I would respond in full awe.
Beyond cool, man.

There’s nothing wrong in having an intense passion with just one thing.
I guess my point is, don’t box a person based upon that passion.

We don’t know. Maybe the cool musician guy loves to paint too.
Or maybe he still has things yet to be discovered about himself?

And when that day of discovery comes, please don’t tell the poor guy,
“..but music is your passion”

It is, but maybe he wants to be the guy who paints too.

God is like that too you know?
We know Him as a very loving, good, and forgiving God.

But when He shows something different from our perspective of Him, we easily question His identity.

“I thought, You are a loving God?”
“I thought, You keep Your promises?”
“I thought, You will never leave me?”

Don’t you think God has different characters too?

He is loving yet He is just too.
He is good yet He can be brutally honest too. (trust me hehe)
He is forgiving yet He is righteous too.

Maybe at some point, we stopped deliberately walking our lives towards knowing more of who Jesus is because we settled to the fact that He is ALREADY loving…



ALREADY forgiving…

“So, this is your thing?”

Yes, it is. Yet I am so much more.
Just like, how God is so so so much more.

It is an encouragement for me not to stop.
From knowing Jesus more
From asking Him more questions about Him rather than asking Him questions about His plans
From spending more time with Him and not for Him
From loving Him and all that He is and not just the things I like about Him.

Isn’t that exciting?
I am ecstatic to be in a deeper relationship with the big Guy above who created the whole universe!

Remember, more of Him and life will, I promise you, keep getting better.

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