10 Things I Should’ve Said to the Guy in Starbucks

1. I can’t understand why from all vacant chairs, you choose to sit beside the one which was one chair apart from mine. Do you know how much uncomfortable it was to sit beside you for almost an hour?

2. I love that uncomfortable feeling.


3. You smell good. By saying good, I mean REALLY good. It was definitely something I want to smell every day.

4. I didn’t mean to shout while we’re both in deep silence. Its just that I sent a wrong text message to a friend. Sorry for disturbing your thoughts.

5. That smirk when I shouted. I saw that. I heard that.

6. It fascinates me how you were not annoyed with the very noisy kids behind us. When you told them, “Starbucks might not be the best playground but outside can definitely offers a lot.” I know you’re going to be a great Dad.

7. I was quite disappointed when you didn’t took out any book with you. I hope you did. I could’ve shared to you my latest craze with novels.

8. I saw you playing one of Sarah Reeves’ songs in your iPod. You might want to check her cover of 10,000 Reasons / Whom Shall I Fear by Matt Redman & Chris Tomlin. It’s a powerful cover. Will definitely put you in the atmosphere of worship.

9. You left your pen. I’ll give it back to you. I just don’t know when.

10. How was your day? It seemed like you were having a bad day. I prayed for you.

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