You’re Emotional and That’s Beautiful

“Well, I’m really emotional at times.”

I heard that from a friend two weeks ago. It left tons of questioning in my heart yet I remained silent.

“My boyfriend doesn’t want it when I’m sad. He gets angry when I’m emotional.”

Another friend weepingly uttered those lines two days ago. By that time, my heart was already bursting with battles I wholeheartedly want to fight for.

Women, own this: You’re emotional and that’s beautiful.

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Do not let a foolish guy puts you down because of your emotional tenderness.

God created you to feel everything so you can provide an environment that is warm and inviting. The way I see it, women are to be the joy-makers in the family, creating a home that a husband will want to come after work, a place the kids can call their very own playground, and a dwelling where everyone in the family can be comfortably themselves.

How could you fulfill this role if you let the man of your life restrains you from using the beauty of your emotions? I don’t think a man, who is filled with God’s wisdom, will condemn a woman for what she feels. Instead, he will protect a woman from drowning into her own emotions, which leads to an open door for the enemy to throw lies into her true identity.

A foolish guy would say, “Grow up! Aren’t we over this yet?” The honorable man conveys, “How can I help you overcome this?”

A foolish guy would demand a woman to stop and just move on. The honorable man understands that this phase is part of the commitment he signed up for. He endures.

A foolish guy repeatedly denies a woman’s emotions. The honorable guy chooses to confront these emotions leading to transformation.

A foolish guy will choose the easy path of walking away. The honorable man stays and still sees her beautiful even at her worst heart condition.

A foolish guy stirs. The honorable man protects.

Ladies, learn to use your emotions in your favor, not against you.

Understand that emotions are powerful. Unless you embrace this truth, you will never be able to prepare yourself for your own battle.

The more you disregard your emotions, the more it will pile up into a monster you could have killed the moment it started crippling into your heart.

First, be true to your emotions. If you feel joyful, express it. If you feel the opposite, express it still. Don’t hide it. Don’t put up a fake smile. More than being true to people around you, you owe yourself the honesty of what you truly feel.

When an accountable friend asks, “How’s your heart?”

Don’t be afraid to say, “I am not in my best condition. Can you pray with me?”

Problem is, sometimes we just allow people to join in when the good things happen. But when all the bad things shaken us, we isolate them and place them only in our point of victories. Not allowing them to see the ugly parts, only the beautiful ones.

That is how we develop the culture of building shallow relationships.

I encourage you with this. Let people help you process your emotions. I understand that this can be hard for some people. Here’s a thing: You don’t have to share it to everyone else. Just love yourself enough to admit to yourself what you’re feeling.

Your emotions are not your enemies.

Your emotions are your emotions, but you have got to learn to do this thing called, “thinking.”

I encourage you to be an observer of your emotions, not a reactor. Most people do not know that it’s their emotions that are doing the thinking. It’s the emotion that guides them to a decision. It’s the emotion that runs their season.

No. It shouldn’t be that way. Don’t give in to your emotions too quickly. Learn to delay your reactions and think. Rather than allowing your emotion to control you, lead it. Use it for your advantage.

Develop this habit every time you face your emotions: Delay, pray, think, then respond.

Your emotions are not your enemies. In fact the word ’emotion’ stands for ‘energy in motion.’ With this, let your emotion helps you to move mountains, to overlook an offense, and to minister to a crushed spirit.

After all, trust that the God who created you to feel everything is above any emotions that you are facing. He is beyond joy, despair, excitement, grief, shame, pride, passion, affection, sorrow.

He is greater. He is in control. He is love.







9 thoughts on “You’re Emotional and That’s Beautiful

  1. Reblogged this on P.S.A. and commented:
    “My boyfriend doesn’t want it when I’m sad. He gets angry when I’m emotional.”

  2. Reblogged this on ❤❤ and commented:
    At times I ask God, ‘Why am I a sentimental person? Why do You made me like this? Why am I so emotional?’

    But at certain times, I also said, ‘God, thank You for the gift of emotions. Thank You for making me like this.’

    And this is a good reminder why. I am emotional, and it’s beautiful ❤

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