Promise Me You’ll Fail

I’ve seen you grow from that little girl whose biggest problem is just how to match her clothes. Yet now, you’re showing me a picture of a woman who is busy writing resumes and sending them to big and scary companies.

Time is crazily wild and before it even gets ahead of me, here’s a promise I want you to make.

Promise me you’ll fail.

Now, this is a promise I’ve never asked you before. This is not your element but promise me that you will fail. Promise me that. Promise me you’ll stumble. You’ll make mistakes — big and small ones.

Promise me you’ll stand in front of those high buildings. And yes, you may go back and forth, rethinking your guts to show up to that interview. Yet, promise me that fear will never withdraw you from experiencing the tense of walking through that office, waiting for your name to be called, and finally meeting that person whom we are calling with these two letters, hr.

Promise me you’ll show up. Promise me you’ll give fear a big punch in the face.

Promise me not to listen to anyone but only to the voice leading you to your personal calling. Not even to my voice and please, stay away from your own voice. When doubts and insecurities start to kick in, you will give yourself grace and buckets of grace.

Remember that this is only your first step, your beginning. And that’s not a disease, that’s your humble beginning. Everybody doesn’t start being great. They all started from this stage you are exactly in, a beginner. Some people missed out on the beauty of being a beginner because they are too focused looking at being great.

Discover the treasure of the season you have. Learn from it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if the question sounds stupid. Inquire from people who are ahead of you not in years but in seasons. Enter places you’ve never been before. Let God enlarge your ability and skills. Don’t lean on the things you already know.

Promise me to learn and unlearn, to reset and recharge.

You will mess things up. It will ruin your balance for a moment. Doors will be slammed at your face over and over again. But promise me you will never stop when that day of rejection comes. Promise me to turn your mess into a humbling story of wisdom. Go back to the truth that no amount of rejection can ruin God’s plans for your life. Your future is secured. Focus on the Promise Giver and not to the path.

Promise me not to be consumed with the people saying, “You can’t. You can’t. You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t.” Don’t let them put your creativity in their small world. You are young, bold, and passionate. Take charge of your life. Take charge of your heart. You will silent them with victories from one footstep after another footstep. Realizing that it’s not your footsteps at all, but God’s.

Get that promotion all because of God’s elevation.

Promise me to build habits, healthy habits. Promise me to spend 5-minute of praying than 5-minute of complaining. Promise me to be early and not running late. Don’t miss out on anything God has prepared for you in your workplace. Promise me not to keep on wondering what is but really plan and commit those plans to the Lord. Listen to His leading and step into it. Walk into it with Him. Promise me not to procrastinate.

You see, you got to hate some bad habits so you can build healthy ones.

Hate being late. Nothing good comes from that.

Hate blaming others. Nothing gets solved from that.

Hate procrastination. Love the discipline of preparation.

Learn to say, “I hate it.” not “I hate you.” Hate the action but not the person.

Grace. Give it to yourself. Give it to others. Lavishly. Undoubtedly.

Promise me you’ll fail. Because failure is one of the sweetest things in life. You will discover genuine friendships when you fail. You will prove the love of family when you fail.Failure will mold you. it will make you new. it will push you to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday.

Failure will mold you. It will strengthen you. It will make you new. It will push you to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. It will bring you to your knees as you dwell into the security of God’s love, embracing you in healing and in blooming.

10 thoughts on “Promise Me You’ll Fail

  1. Thank you for this, Ms. Joena! So relevant with my current season of job hunting and waiting on the Lord’s promises 😀 Grateful to God for His humbling lessons about life, work, dreams, and absolute surrender to His will. Leaving you with a promise to fail in life and allowing God to work His wonders. God bless you! 🙂

  2. Thank you. I am still a student but because of all the requirements the school have been giving me lately, I needed that. I needed those words to remind me it’s okay to fail but you must still rise up and learn from it. I must not be bothered, I know God has something in store for me beyond the school gates. Thank you 💓

  3. Trusting God and His plans! Well said! Good thoughts for students who are in their transition year of graduating from university and entering the adulting life. Praise God for you! 🙂

  4. Thank you for this, Ate Jo! It’s very timely with my current situation, being rejected at something I applied for 🙂
    Totally forgot the sweet lessons failure taught me over the years and this is wonderful but honestly painful too 🙂

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