Dear Popoy and Basha

You guys don’t know how much I waited for your love story to be continued. Can I just say, “Thank you” for showing us a kind of love that everybody can relate to .


The kind of love that no matter how strong, it will never be perfect.

The kind of love that no matter how long, there is still no guarantee of forever.

The kind of love wherein commitment comes first before judgment.

The kind of love that is flawed yet real.

However, for tonight (as I am writing this), can I be part of your circle of friends? Can I be part of your so called “barkada?” 

Because if I’m one of them, I would be genuinely whole-heartedly telling you these things.

Invite God in your relationship

You see, we are all pretty much broken. Sometimes, we handle it well. Yet most of the times, we mishandle it. We turn to things that can fulfill that brokenness. We turn to people whom we thought can fulfill that emptiness.

Poy and Bash, this is exactly what you are doing to each other. You think your love for each other can satisfy that longing but it will never will. It may give you comfort and satisfaction for a little while but it will never bring healing. 

God is knocking at your door. He wants to come in to your lives. He wants to come in into your relationship. Yet, He is the kind of God who doesn’t push Himself to us. He waits. He never comes against our will. We have to give Him the permission.

Give Him the permission to come in to the places you have so long shut to anyone. Will you let Him heal you?

Poy and Bash, give Him the access to your broken hearts. Ask Him to enter the shattered places. You know what they are — ask Him there. Was it the forfeited opportunities? Was it the loss of your father, Poy? The sickness of your mother, Bash? Ask Him there. Give Him the permission to heal your wounds.

Throw all the lies

Believe it or not but your wounds left hidden messages in your heart. Lots of messages.

You’re worthless.  You’re not man enough. You’re a failure. You’re a disappointment. You’re too much …and not enough. You’re alone.

The long list of these lies can continue. On and on and on.

And because they all brought so much pain, you felt it too deeply.

They pierced our hearts, and they seemed so true. In fact, we learned over time to just accept it and live with it. We embraced it.

Dear Poy and Bash, throw them all. Those lies are not the words that God has said of you. Popoy and Basha, you guys are His children, His beloved, His cherished ones. And not unless you throw all these lies away from yourselves, you will never be able to see each other the way God sees you.

You don’t need to always have it together

Life is hard. We know that.

Yet, we can be vulnerable. My dear friends, you don’t have to suppress the pain and make people think that you are perfectly fine.

“Hanggang kaya, susubukan.” (‘Till I can, I will.)

Grief, Poy and Bash, is good. Grief helps to heal our hearts. Why, Jesus himself was a “man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” (Isaiah 53:3)

Let the tears come. Get alone, get inside the shower and let the tears come. It is the right way to treat your woundedness. Allow yourself to feel again. And you will feel many things.

Anger? That’s okay. Anger’s not a sin. (Eph. 4:26)

Regret? Of course you’ll  regret for so many lost years and chances.

Fear? Yes, that makes sense.

Yet, do know that there is no emotion you can bring up to Jesus that He can’t handle.

Let it all out.

Grief says, “your wound mattered.” It mattered. You mattered. 

Popoy your thoughts which says, “This is not the way life was supposed to go.” Jesus knows that.

Basha, the tears of a woman whose life has been hard and lonely and nothing close to her dreams. Jesus sees that.

He wants you to know, “I am in control. Let the tears come.”

God will not give you second chances, He will give you new beginnings.

Which means your shattered heart will be made new. It is amazing. It is available. It is possible.

Not just second chances but new beginnings.

The God who knows your every thought and intention, who sees every failure and sin, is eager to give you a clean record, with no history of cheating, with no history of past defeats. The blaming game will no longer exist.

Poy and Bash, be reminded that you can always give yourselves second, third, fourth chances.. but only in God you’ll find new beginnings.

He will open your eyes to a love you never knew existed, a love you only dream of. You will be able to forgive graciously. You will handle your hearts differently.

Not in second chances, but in new beginnings.

Let Him re-write your love story.