Consistency Is So Manly

Nothing I love more than living under your consistency.


Your consistency is so beautiful.

When I don’t..

When I don’t want to dress up. When I don’t want to be artsy. When I don’t feel beautiful. When I don’t want to go outside. When I don’t feel positive. When I don’t want to talk about it. When I don’t want to go with your plans. When I don’t fulfill my words. When I don’t reply to your messages. When I don’t answer your calls. When I don’t move in quiet and gentle spirit. When I don’t want to go out of my comfort zone. When I don’t accomplish anything right.

When I don’t trust your promises. When I don’t have faith in your plans. When I don’t want to love.

I heard you said firmly, “Beloved, I’ll still stay with you.”

How did you manage to stay when it was so easy for you to escape? With that, no one expressed commitment better than you did.

Your consistency is beautiful. It is so manly.

When I’m.. 

When I’m being truly madly unreasonable. When I’m being more than what you can handle. When I’m being the annoying kid who sends nonsense endless emojis. When I’m being demanding as ever. When I take too many photos. When I’m being the crybaby at coffee shops. When I buy too many books that I don’t even have time to read. When I say yes to almost everyone at everything. When I have to admit that I’m wrong. When I’m being the endless chatter that I am.

I heard you said lovingly, “Beloved, go ahead. I’m all ears.”

I know that you are serious in knowing me when you choose to shut up and listen. You understand what I want, but more than anyone, you exactly know what I need.

You make me forget of my craving to “get there” and make me love the moment of “being here.” You satisfy me. 

Your consistency satisfies me.


When the world is too cruel.

When a prayer is unanswered for years. When waiting becomes colorless.

When words become too familiar and it can’t heal anymore.

When people choose schedules over relationships.

When small talks become more valuable than deep ones.

When serving becomes a routine instead of a pleasant offering.

When going to church becomes a show and relationship becomes an act.

When everybody screams I’m an accident.

When fear shouts louder than faith.

When I lost track and can’t find my way back.

You whispered with that still small voice, “Beloved, tomorrow’s another day.”

Indeed, I will find you when I seek you wholeheartedly.

And if breaking my heart means experiencing the consistency of your love, then let it be shattered a thousand times over.

How can I not trust to the one who is true with his words?

Your consistency builds trust. 

Your consistency makes me quit thinking that you will love me more if I faked it.

Suddenly, I don’t need to overthink. You saw me. You held my hands. You stayed. You loved me.

You are the kind who doesn’t know how to walk away.

You are the kind who would brave the terrifying traffic and would drive for hours just to knock at my door and say — I will wait until you unlock the door and let me in.

31 thoughts on “Consistency Is So Manly

  1. I read all your blogs and it was all true.. You inspire me.. And i know you will inspire others! Thank you! I will keep on seeing your blog! May God bless you..

      1. Someone posted this beautiful piece in FB and i’m so glad I checked it out .

        We share the same passion, joena. I love writing about Jesus, too. I’ll surely enjoy reading your blogs. Let’s be friends! (Ok, stop being creepy, Grace). Almost at my train stop. You
        have a great day now. *hugs*

      2. Hi joena!!!thankyou for inspiring friend send the link nd I read all ur blogs…salamat ng marami=)i am inspired tonight…

  2. Reblogged this on Bliss in Brokenness and commented:
    This is so on point. Strikes me so much. I fall short but You still stay the same. You are constant through everything. I am humbled and at awe of Your consistency, Your unfailing love. I honor You!!! I love You!

  3. Reblogged this on It's all done and commented:
    It’s liberating to know that in every season, your love for me is the same. Through all my inconsistencies, one thing remains to be true – you love me. Thank you, Lord. ❤

  4. I found you. 😂😂😂
    I thought I was alone in this kind of journey ~ of communicating to Him in a special way, and sharing it publicly.
    And so I thought it meant I was called to a religious vocation because of all the weird and wonderful things happening in my walk with Him.
    It was only later that I learned many do have their own way of communicating with God but not all are called to share their story and experience in their walk with Him, as part of their mission.
    I’m glad we have the same mission ~ writing for Him, about Him and for Him, among others.
    As it is written in the Bible, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13
    I’m so happy I found you, and even more ecstatic I found Him in you.

    God bless, Joena!

    Hugs & Kisses from newbie blogger,
    Joanne 😂😂😂

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