Slow Down, Single Woman.

Hi there, beautiful. I have a word for you: Slow down.

I know that you are brimming with excitement as new things start to unfold. You can’t help it but to outpour passion and even exceed the works that your hands can do. I won’t blame you. The new hope that is in you is radiating. It’s overflowing. You’ve never been so attractive.

Yet, slow down.


You are starting things differently this time. You are no longer walking without a vision. In fact, this time, you’ll start running yet with no intention of being first in the finish line but with heart who wants to find pleasure in the process. You will enjoy each move. Your eyes no longer see the finish line as the victory but see victory in every step of the way.

You were once a slave of achieving dreams after dreams and dreams. Yet I am writing this to let you know that you are now a picture of a woman who rests in God’s promises and who’s confidence is found in His faithfulness.

Slow down.

You are no longer searching for answers. You have learned that God’s thoughts in His mind are always higher than yours. That overthinking won’t help and won’t resolve anything this time. Yet in slowing down, He’ll reveal what’s to come.

He is in the slowing down. God is in the waiting.

Slow down, beloved.

All of those are coming your way. All of those heart’s desires are going to come. You’ll see them come to pass — each of them. The One who promised it holds the time. So let go, trust in Him. Don’t try to manipulate things this time. You have proven so many times that your ways seem right but in the end, it leads to death.

You have matured, my friend. Your focus are now set upon His gaze.

Your work no longer aim to please men but to please the King.

Your heart no longer wants to be upfront but enjoys being still behind the curtain.

Your words are no longer for you but all for His purpose. You have surrendered the pain and trusted that He is perfect in all of His ways.

Know that as you put Him first, you will never ran out of passion for what He has called you to do. As you put Him first, it will be easy to identify distractions. You will now find it honorable to say “no” because you are secured where you are called for the season.

You know that by saying “no,” you’ll enjoy where you are and you’ll be at peace that everything will just follow.

So slow down, single woman.

This time, really taste and see that the Lord is good – every bit of Him. Do not miss out on anything that He wants you to hear. Don’t lose yourself yet again in the busyness of the system. 

Everyday, thirst for more of Him. Slow down and feel His sweet embrace.

Slow down and start smiling at Him in the morning.

Slow down and start finding pleasure to where He has placed you now ..and not just in times of traveling.

It’s time to enjoy slowing down and appreciating the glorious blessings you have in your hands. Be intentional again in building relationships. You are going deeper this time. No offense will stop you from loving. You are keeping the truth in your heart that there is no chain that His love can break.

Slow down. Let His voice lead you on. He’ll finish all He has begun.

Slow down, single woman.

..because you are no longer after great things, you are now in faith for miracles.

13 thoughts on “Slow Down, Single Woman.

  1. And yet as I’m ready to start and hope for this year this was a great reminder for me #silordtalaga 🙂 . Thank You!! 💛 your blog😊

  2. I am not a single woman but I was raiser by a single mom. I have forward thos article to her and she said it was beautiful. Your letter is empowering. You are amazing. Thanks for this!

  3. Whoo. Prophetically written 😍😍
    Love this! ü
    That excitement you feels, cos you know God will do great things! I can’t wait. Huhu

  4. I dont know why but it seems like every word was written for me. I read posts from 2014 until 2017. But every topic that I read clearly speaks to me as if the author knows what I’m going through. I thank God for coming across this topic. Deep in my heart, i know that God is telling me something.

    To all single Christian ladies like me, yes, let’s slow down. SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT WITH GOD. Do not rush and trust His perfect timing.

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