How Wonderful It Is To Not Be Perfect

You are not perfect. You will never be perfect. Your goal in life is not to be perfect.

And this I say to you with gladness in my heart, how wonderful it is to not be perfect!


Humility is much better than perfection.

Embrace the truth that you are simply a human. That no matter how good you are at handling things or how talented you are, how incredibly smart you are.. things can still get out of your control. That no matter how pleasant the desires of your heart are, the truth remains; the King is still much better than His Kingdom.

Here’s what happen when things don’t go your way, you are bounded to respond in two ways: (1) Either you boast and choose to rely on your own strength or, (2) Or you enter the place of humility and tap the unfailing grace of God.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6)

“It’s because of me..”

“Well, if not for me..”

“I did it..”

These are the hidden boasts of our hearts. When we succeed on something, boasting is not far away. It is so easy to be lost in the compliments of men, but when things get out of control, that is God interrupting and reminding us.. “Hey, don’t settle to the compliments of men. My favor has greater power. Pursue Me. Pursue Me.”

Humility keeps us grounded. Humility puts us to our rightful position in Christ. Humility makes us experience the sweetness of God’s embrace. Humility causes a grateful heart.

Perfection denies the truth that we are broken.

My dear friend, don’t let the pursuit of being perfect isolates you from enjoying the life of being loved.

Don’t you know that not until we realized that we are broken, our life will be self-centered, self-reliant; and our value will forever be anchored to things of temporary value. As long as you think that you can fight your battles on your own, then what will you need God for?

Here’s a thing: I don’t trust a man who hasn’t suffered; I am not impressed to someone who hasn’t faced his wound. Think about this — when life is collapsing around you, who are the kind of people you would call at 12 midnight? The ones who are foolishly acting around as if life has always been “perfect” or the ones who made themselves vulnerable in front of you and admitted that they are weak yet they have faith to the One who saves? I’ll go for the second one. I don’t want clichés; I want messy conversations, raw tears, and that only comes when someone has walked the road I’ve been through. The road which turns brokenness into beauty.

Growth is not welcomed in perfection.

Perfection is a dead-end story. On the other hand, growth is the kind of story which makes you ask, “I want to see more. I am excited to know more!”

Perfection is more likely the, “..and they live happily ever after”

Growth is more of the, “Behold, it is just the beginning.”

Aim for growth not perfection.

Ask yourself — how can God give you the fullness of His favor when you won’t empty your hands?

Life is not based on how strong you believe, but to The One who gave you faith.

Life is not based on the amount you know, but to The One who knows you.

Life is not about the mountains you could shake, but about the Son who climbed the hill with a cross to save you from your pain.

Life is not measured on religious deeds like Bible-reading and church attendance and prayer time and ministry works and small groups, but in your messy obedience for Him and the way He gives you grace to love the people He made.

Laugh without the fear of the future, beloved. You are a work in progress. I can’t wait to hear how your heart has been restless until it rested in Him. Surrender the battle and do know that you don’t have to be the happy person all the time.

And hey, the next time someone will ask you, “Who are you?”

Answer with joy and confidence in your heart, “I am not perfect. I am once been broken but those heartbreaking seasons did not define me but brought me to a higher place than I — Jesus.”

If you are fighting the battle of perfection, here’s a promise you can be secured of; that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.