Girl, What Are Your Convictions?

Hi beautiful. Can I take you on a date today?

Lets go to a coffee shop. Have that perfect spot. Order their best cake and drinks. Oh, I think you should know that I am not into coffee. I normally go for frappes or water. But go ahead, order yours. My treat!

Today, I want to have that lovely heart to heart talk with you.


Let’s talk about convictions.

If you’re wondering, “I have no idea what you are talking about, Joena. Conviction?


Don’t worry. When I was still very new with my walk in faith, I completely have no idea what convictions are as well.

You’ll go nuts if you’ll see my actions before. Oh my.. the crazy days!

Here’s a story. Can you believe that I spent a night of fellowship with all men in one house? Yes, I was the only girl. What a foolish move, I know!! Nothing happened though, don’t worry.

In the morning, I was asked by one of my guy friends, “It’s a good thing that you don’t have any convictions on spending late nights with all men.. or do you?

Oh boy, that hit me hard.

I never thought of that. To be totally honest, I didn’t even have convictions at all back then. Not even one. I still slaps myself in the face every time I remember that night. Ha ha ha

Since that day, I started examining my actions thoroughly. I prayed that God would put strong convictions in my heart which will never drop whenever my selfish sinful nature will shout at its loudest, “Do it! Do it!!”

In this coffee shop date, let me share to you few of convictions that God impressed to my heart. It’s my hope that one way or another, it will help you bloom as the woman who longs to seek and honor God in all her ways.


The 10pm rule only means that I will not entertain any conversation with a guy friend online via any form of chat, texting, face time, or even phone calls starting 10pm and beyond. Exception to the rule of course if it’s for emergency purposes or if it’s my dad or my brothers on the other line.

Why? Because oh dear, starting this hour, our guard rails as men and women slowly go down. When our guard rails are down, our heart can easily be penetrated. Unnecessary emotions are possible to be disclosed in just one hit of the enter button during your chat convo. The words that are only meant for your future husband can be uttered quickly like a piece of cake.

This is a conviction I never had a problem before until these past few days. I needed to hold stronger to God’s grace reminding me that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. It’s going to be tough. You have to fight against yourself when that message box pops up yet remember, it’s going to be worth it.

“..and a fool multiply words” Ecclesiastes 10:14


Don’t you want to save up these kind of moments for the one God has in mind for you? Go and help yourself at the back seat, darling. It will not hurt. Remember that as a sister in Christ, you have a responsibility to protect your guy friends. Don’t lead their thoughts to something that is not God honoring. Look after your purity and his too.


I’m a very visual person. I find it extremely difficult to forget things that I witness clearly. With this, I have a greater job to protect whatever my eyes catch a glimpse on. Guard it from corrupted images, watch over filthy words or actions, build a stonewall against defiled thoughts.

I am closing my eyes so my heart can see a greater view of the purity God has for me. I am closing my eyes so I can spot the truth that nothing of this world can satisfy the yearning of my soul. I am closing my eyes because one day, that kissing scene will be mine. I may not have any idea how to do it but I know that it will be pleasing, pure and perfect. It will be good.


Who says convictions are just for relationships? It can go as far as shopping! Can I get an amen from the ladies? Haha!

When I surrendered my life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it included every part of me. Even my finances, especially my finances. So this conviction really guided me well in being a better steward of my money.

If I really want something, let’s say a stunning dress, but it is quite expensive, I always ask myself this question, “Can I buy twice the quantity of this dress? If yes, then I can afford it. I’ll buy it. If not, I’ll put it in my ‘save for later’ list.”

I am not saying this is applicable for every situation. Sometimes, God would want you to reward yourself. So go ahead girl, buy that stunning dress for your radiant soul. But remember, there’s a reason why is it called as a “reward.” You don’t receive rewards every single day, right? You will lose the special element of receiving awards if you’ll get it every now and then. It is called a reward for a purpose. Let it be so satisfying when you receive one.


“Don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry.” (Ephesians 4:26)

I recently had a petty fight with a friend. I went silent for few hours and had chosen not to respond to his messages simply because my words were not yet ready. My heart was not yet ready for another conversation. Yet, I can’t let the day pass without asking for forgiveness and allowing us to settle the issue.

First, because I would rather lose the conversation than a lose a friend. Second, keeping a grudge is like nurturing a sin inside your heart. I have been there. I don’t want to come back there. I want to pursue a life worthy of the calling God has given me. And lastly, it was just REALLY a petty fight. Hahaha hi friend (: you (: know (: who (: you (: are (:


Because seriously? Who does that? It is just the meanest thing in the world. We set a date. You said “yes” for a date, with me. Therefore, be present. Be presently engaged in the conversation we’re having. Be sold out.

Throw those words at me instead of posting it in your facebook status. It breaks my heart to be with someone who is more excited to post an instagram photo than to share a good laugh with me.

Relationships aren’t supposed to be like that. We are so much more than what we can ever post in our social media accounts.

I think I talked too much on our first coffee shop date? Haha! Yikes. Now it is time for you to share yours! What are your own God-given convictions?

Do everything in love. 1 Cor 16:14