When God Drops a Cheesy Line

It’s true that when you live alone in a foreign country, you will hear that still small voice louder. After all, at the end of the day, it is only God’s voice that matters.

So here I am, sharing some particular cheesy lines (and my special collected Thailand photos yay!) that He threw at me whenever I needed to be encouraged or most of the times, when God just wanted to remind me how much He loves me.

It is my prayer that if God willing, you will own these words and keep it in your heart as a reminder that Someone up there really truly pursues you, everyday.


The Still Small Voice - 01


TSSV - 05















10. TSSV-03

10 thoughts on “When God Drops a Cheesy Line

  1. can I use this as my reference in my art calligraphy? I’ll put credits 🙂 this is inspiring ❤

  2. Hi Joena! Just dropping by to say that I love your blogs especially this one. I cried literally in the office with few words said above (Your mistake! :P) Seriously, I know that you will succeed doing this thing and I pray that you will touch more lives as you write. Love you!

    Ps. I shared your blog “Your consistency is so manly” to my boyfriend. Grabe ang tindi mo! Question, may boyfriend ka na diba? Hehe

  3. You are an absolute blessing Ate Joena! I’ve been reading (and maybe stalking, if you haven’t already noticed) your blog for the past few days, and you’re words contain so much encouragement and love. I am really glad I came across your writings. May God continue to shine His light on you! Also, may you continue to spread His love through your words. xx

  4. Kilig! Hi Ate Joena, can i make a reblog for this one, having the cheesy lines The Still Small Voice whisperedto me also? Hahaha.

  5. Hi Ate Joenna,I’m reading your blog and it inspire me BIG TIME.. thanks… For this entry it’s reminding me that there is a still small voice that I need to listen. While reading every words there’s a tear ready to fall… grabe ramdam na ramdam ko na Siya mismo yung nagsasalita sakin. Gosh ang hirap magpigil ng luha pag nasa office ka T_T Thanks for your word of encouragement. And thank God for using you. God bless. Looking forward for your upcoming book… ^_^

  6. Awww Thank you Joena for this!! You have no idea how much I needed this reminder 🌻 Thank you for inspiring us!! Thank you for sharing your faith ❤️

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