It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian

I’m sorry but you read it right and I mean it.

It’s not enough that he’s a Christian.

Beloved, you need to hear the truth.


1. There’s a lot of nice Christian boys, but not a lot of Godly men.
You see, a lot of guys out there can easily serve in the ministry. You can spot them in church every Sunday. Hitting the drums so passionately and leading the worship in all its honor and glory. Yet, are these really the marks of a guy whose life is fully surrendered to Jesus Christ? Are you seeing him leading younger men towards a greater encounter with the Lord? Are his words a reflection of God’s grace or better yet, do you feel God’s grace every time you talk to Him? Does he spend more time reading his bible rather than being cozy in the comfort of late night fellowships? Does he live out the scriptures he posts on facebook? Or you just fell for a guy who is all about the talk and none of the walk? Is his faith really rooted in God? Oh dear. Remember, a Godly man not just a Christian boy.

2. Don’t settle for the guy who knows nothing but to compliment you. Go for the one who challenges you.
The one who asks brave questions. The one who is willing to disagree to agree with you. The one who’s not just going to say yes every time but would actually ask follow up questions. The one who double checks the intention of your heart. The one who checks if you are really aligned with God’s will for you. The one who will not simply go with the flow saying, “Yeah, that’s great.” but to the one who will push you with so much grace and love saying, “Your work is not in vain. Keep going out of your comfort zone.”

3. The guy whose life’s number one priority is not to pursue you but to pursue his relationship with the Lord first.
What’s fascinating here is when a guy’s priority is his relationship with the Lord, he will grow closer and closer to you. Imagine a triangle which has God on top while you and him are both on the other end points.


If you are both facing each other and your only goal is to move closer, you will go no where. It will just be all about you. The relationship will only footmark on a straight line, being so constant with what you have and never approaching a hint of growth. You will just both make each other as your idol, as your functional God.

Whereas if you’re both facing towards God and you are both pursuing God first, what’s crazy is you will both naturally get closer to each other as a by product. So you see? The more a man is focused on Jesus, the better he can treat a girl right. The more he is capable of giving bigger love because He is connected to the Source. He is anchored to the author of love.

Keep in mind that the closer you and him move towards God, the closer you move towards each other.

38 thoughts on “It’s Not Enough That He’s a Christian

  1. Totally agree! Praying that I would be brave enough to end what needs to end to honor and glorify God with my life. Thank you for this. God bless you!

  2. hi. i am so blessed with your blog Joena 🙂 I learned a lot and the qualities that i am praying for a husband is actually related to this blog 🙂

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