Take Risk

I went out of the country, boarded on my own, without the help of anyone.
Flew oceans away from home, alone.

I had my first steps on a foreign land with completely unfamiliar faces.
Some smiling. Mostly, high and mighty.
New to my eyes kind of culture.


Rented my first apartment.
And how was the apartment? Small but it’s me.
My own.
I love it.


Nothing of this is really happening. Not even close.

It’s me. I am too afraid to take risks. So you might want to ask, “Where are you, really?”

Well, here. In my bed, writing.

Don’t get me wrong. Not that I haven’t taken any risk in my life.

Remember the time when I have fully withdrawn myself from being a programmer and being part of this big classy corporate world and decided to become a simple teacher?

Definitely the best decision I have ever made.
Now, I’m on my fourth year of teaching
And it still feels like the first day, every day.

How about the time when a friend invited me for a last minute long weekend roadtrip?
Of course, I said yes!
Best three days of my life.

And yeah, who would not forget my latest adventure?
This crazy blooming beautiful in it’s own way business.

It may turn my nights into mornings.
And make my eyebags bigger than they used to be.
But hey, no regrets!
I meant, I get to be part of people’s weddings. For heaven’s sake, I wound’t trade that for anything!

When I have come to realize it now, my proudest “risks” are the ones which I made more actions and less of planning. Don’t get me wrong. Planning is important.

But when Jesus called us for something, it wasn’t limited by guidelines or planning.

Let me ask you.
Do you feel like God is calling you to a higher place that you’ve never been before.
A place where you can fulfill His purpose for you.

Question is where?
Question is when?
Question is how?

Tonight, I want to encourage you by saying, “Just go.”

Do it.
No questions.

I came to realize that I wasted too much time in thinking of stupid “what ifs.”
And less on listening to His voice directing me already where to go.

Think about it.
Risks are never really risky if it is God who called you to risk for it.
You can trust the person who’s telling you, “It is time to go.”

In that place, He will build your character.
Expect for you to fail. That’s the truth.
Yet, He will bring you to a whole new level of victory.

Where His healing is present.
It is painful. My friend, it is supposed to be painful.
But it’s the kind of pain which is worth it.

Besides, don’t let any failure keep you from realizing the potential you have in Christ. The grace of Jesus is sufficient for all of our mistakes.

Where His love is abounding.
The love that will naturally flow out of you.
Because with every move you make, you feel His love.
Never leaving you.
Never wanting to leave you.
Will never forsake you.

Where you get to be reminded again of who you really are, patient and forgiving.

Where you get welcome new people and new passion and new desires.

So shall we? Take risks?

Here’s a tip: What looks like a difficult situation will dissolve quickly as you get God’s perspective on it.

Let’s do it. Let’s ride on to that plane and be lost in God’s security.

Let’s have confidence in what we can’t see, knowing that our faith is in the One who sees it all. He will never fail.

Tonight and forever.

Since forever is composed of nows.

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